91 Days

Each anime season we see a lot of “Sekai” anime, slice of life anime, romantic comedies, if we are lucky some psychological anime, but there are barely any historical anime. Historical anime are always so different that other anime, they are always so serious and dark. Personally I wish we would have a historical anime every season.


General Information

Episodes: 12
Aired: Jul 9, 2016 to Oct 1, 2016
Premiered: Summer 2016
Genres: Action, Drama, Historical
Rating: R – 17+ (violence & profanity)




This anime is set in the Prohibition era. The anime revolves around Avilio. Avilio witnessed his father, mother, and sibling get murdered by the top dogs of one of the Mafias. After that, he was distraught and had no reason to keep on living. After several years he received a letter. A letter naming the men that murdered his family. That is when he started plotting his revenge. The people responsible for their deaths were the Vanetti family. His plan? Infiltrate the Vanetti family. While deceiving their family and gaining their trust he gets closer and closer to his goal but it’s not that simple.




Avilio (Angelo Lagusa)


Avilio is the character that witnessed his family’s death. He lives for revenge. He has no remorse and seems emotionless. He seems like a rock but inside he is hurting. He lived alone stealing wallets to earn a living. But, after 7 years he finally “finds a reason to live“. That reason being his revenge on the Vanettis.


Nero Vanetti


Nero is the son of Don Vincent, the leader of the Vanetti family. Nero is the only character in this anime that seems happy and doesn’t have some sort of regret, unlike Avilio. They do have one thing in common though. Nero sees his family as the most important thing in the world and would do anything for them. Including revenge for their deaths.




Corteo is Avilio’s only childhood friend. The only person Avilio can truly trust. To make a living, Corteo makes alcohol which was illegal at that time.


My overall opinion


I fell in love with this anime from minute one. It has a very refreshing look. By that I mean, it doesn’t look like the typical anime. Specifically the characters facial features. They look a lot closer to a normal human face. They’re proportioned in a way that makes the anime seem very sophisticated. Meaning, no massive eyes. If I had to compare it to another anime, “Joker game” would be the perfect fit.

The characters personalities are also different than usual anime characters. Yes, they also have their difficulties but the way they act in 91 Days is unique if you compare it to other anime. There are a lot of anime characters who want revenge for their families death but in 91 days the characters act with experience and plan. For example, Avilio does not go insane and just attack the perpetrators. He stays calm and works his way to the top. They are all smart about their acts. They know that one mistake could cost them their lives, territory, or pride.

The ending wasn’t disappointing in any way. I was worried it would get extra cheesy. The ending was bittersweet. It summed up the story in a unique way and a special way. In a way that fit the characters. The characters did not do a total 360, they stuck with their personality. They stuck with their rage and regret. Their thirst for revenge. Their strong love for their mafia and the concept of, “I’d do anything for my family.” They stayed true to their beliefs of what is fair and what isn’t until the very end.


My Score


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