Joker Game

Unpopular opinion but Joker Game was one of the best Anime of Spring 2016.


Episodes: 12
Aired: Apr 5, 2016 to June 21, 2016
Genres: Military, Historical, Drama
Rating: R – 17+ (violence & profanity)



With World War II about to begin, foreign intelligence and information on everything from military to economic situations is something the country of Japan is determined to get. To accomplish this Japan decides to establish a Spy Organization named, D agency.

Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki has been put in charge of this organization. He takes in 8 men and basically breaks them down. Putting them through drastic conditions. Pushing them to their limits. The Spies are taught different languages and everything needed to fit into the country they will be traveling to. After graduation these spies are set out to foreign countries, they must infiltrate and manipulate people around them to obtain secrets the Japanese Government needs.

Characters : Members of D Agency

joker game
The anime revolves around 8 spies who each have a mission to obtain secrets that will help Japan during the upcoming war. They each don’t have much of a personality or any type of back story since they are not allowed to reveal their real names or information about there lives.


My Thoughts


Not sure if I lived under a rock while this anime was airing but I did not hear anything about it till a while after the anime was done airing.

Yes, the anime is not insane or super exciting. No back flipping ninja with a solar powered sword. But it’s so different, how many anime revolve around Japanese spies back in World War II? Not many.

The anime takes place in 1937 before world war II (1939-1945). The way the anime is set up is perfect for this type of plot. Each spy has his own episode. Some go to other countries, some stay in Japan, some infiltrate homes and become friends with people they need secrets from. Others take a trip on a cruise ship to uncover secrets or get caught by the cops on purpose. Each episode is unique and interesting in it’s own way.

The art style is one of my favorites. No excessively large facial features and the characters bodies are proportioned more human like. Not perfectly, but closer than most anime. Putting the art, the setting, and just the plot in general all together, makes it pure gold. I will admit that this anime is not for most but for those that like underrated historical dramas, I recommend it.




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