My Ships That Will Never Happen

Isn’t it great when an anime teases a ship and makes it seem like it’s going to happen but it never really does. But, even though you know that it will never happen you can’t help but fangirl over them. Maybe that’s just me though. Ships really get me going so this is just going to be a bunch of ranting and nonsense.

Kanbaru Suruga and Numachi Rouka

Bakemonogatari Series (Hanamonogatari) – Kanbaru ontop, Numachi on the bottom.

Kanbaru is not just my favorite lesbian character but she’s also my favorite female character, who just so happens to be in my top anime. So when this whole thing happened (the image above) I was on the verge of tears and ready to grab my TV while squealing. When it comes to this ship there’s no way it can happen (you can watch the anime to find out why) but I still had hope. Both Kanbaru and Numachi love basketball and basically play it to the death but still weirdly bond through it.

Ikeda Chitose and Funami Yui

Yuru Yuri

Why? Honestly, I’m not sure. They don’t really do much together. Yui always just gives Chitose tissues and freaks out when Chitose passes out after her delusions are over.

Oumae Kumiko and Kousaka Reina

Hibike! Euphonium
I don’t like to curse but what in the actual fuck was this?

Ah, Kumiko and Reina… In my opinion the LIQUID GOLD of ships. So sweet an innocent. Now, this is a ship that a lot of people root for her. With their glossy lips and gorgeous glowing eyes, Kimuko and Reina would be like mother nature together. Also, that lip thing that Reina did.  Mother of God, this one actually tricked me. I actually thought it was going to happen, but guess what nah. Unless something happened in the second season, I have not watched it yet.

Iizuka Yuzu and Ikeno Kaede

Sakura Trick

Sakura Trick is probably one of the most ridiculous anime out there. It’s literally just two high school girls making out and doing some weird parkour moves over balconies. It’s ridiculous but I somehow memorized the OP and find it very catchy. Yuzu and Kaede make the anime a bit more tolerable, they are so cute together and I wish they had more scenes together than Haruku and Yuu kissing or Yuu’s older sister fantasizing over Haruka.

Natsuki Subaru and Rem

Re: Zero

This one just really pisses me off. I don’t even want to think about it. Like I don’t even like Subaru.

Shirayuki and Obi

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

Yeah, I know Shirayuki-sama is taken but I can dream. Obi is a character who works for Zen for no apparent reason. Zen is cute and all but the way Obi protects and gets along with Shirayuki wins me over.

Ships can be painful when they sink or magical when they sail but all in all it can be just a bit fun to have one to root for even if it probably won’t happen.

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