King of Thorn (Ibara no Ou)

Thriller, Psychological, and Sci-fi are my favorite genres. The day I found out King of Thorn was made into a movie I knew I had to watch it. It’s a bit difficult to go around spoilers so this review/recommendation will have minimal information on the synopsis and characters.



Type: Movie
Aired: Oct 9, 2009
Genres: Action, Thriller, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Duration: 1 hr. 50 min.
Rating: R+ – Mild Nudity




After a viral infection known as the Medusa virus lands in Siberia and spreads contagiously throughout Earth, 160 humans are chosen as candidates to experiment a cure against the virus by an organization called Venus Gate.

As the story begins, Kasumi is selected as one of the 160 people for the experiment. She is forced to enter treatment and cold sleep without her twin sister Shizuku, who also has the virus. 48 hours later, some of those put in hibernation abruptly wake up, only to find the facility where they were supposed to be treated in, in shambles. Across the facility there are strange vines covered in thorns, which appear to have a mind of their own.

Trapped in a facility with dangers awaiting at every corner, seven survivors must escape.




Kasumi Ishiki


Kasumi is the movies main character. She and her twin sister both have the Medusa Virus but only she was chosen to be part of the experiment.


Shizuku Ishiki


Shizuku is Kasumi’s twin sister. She also has the Medusa Virus but was not chosen to be in the experiment. Her and Kasumi have a very close relationship because of certain emotional problems that Kasumi has. Although Shizuku was not chosen she still supports and urges Kasumi to participate in the experiment.


Owen Marco


Owen is a criminal and like Kasumi was also chosen to be in the experiment. Although Owen is a criminal he still wants to protect those that are on a mission to get out of the monster infested facility. Owen ends up being the leader of the group, not because he was voted the leader but because unlike the other survivors he is tough and knows how to fight.


Timothy Laisenbach


The youngest of the survivors. He is a very strong boy who grows close to Katherine (another survivor). He even begins calling her “auntie”


Katherine Turner


Katherine is by far the survivor with the worst case of the Medusa Virus. She grows close to Timothy and wants him to be safe and survive. This bond grows because of the fact that Timothy reminds her of her son who was taken into custody by child care services after she abused him. Her failure as a Mother caused Katherine to despise herself, so she basically decides to start all over and act like how a mother should act.


My thoughts


This is a Sci-Fi movie classic. Humans try to find a cure to a deadly virus that is spreading across the globe… but something goes terribly wrong.

King of Thorn, is one of those few anime that goes through some touchy subjects like suicide. I’m not one to enjoy movies that have anything that revolves around depression and suicide but those touchy subjects, added to the gore and horror bring everything together and form a movie that’s not only creepy but also very emotional. 

There wasn’t a second that I was bored, and the ending actually surprised me. It was not a basic and obvious ending. If I had to give any downers, it would be that I would have liked more back story on the virus throughout the film.





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