Hai To Gensou No Grimgar

I have a thing for anime people don’t bring up much. In Winter 2016, Boku dake ga Inai Machi was the talk of the season, and not many brought up other great anime that aired that season. Like for example, Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu or Hai To Gensou No Grimgar.

Basic info

Episodes: 12

Aired: Jan 11, 2016 to Mar 28, 2016

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

Rating: R – 17+ (violence & profanity)


Awaking in a different world, only being able to remember your name can be quite terrifying. The group of strangers summoned to Grimgar must leave their past lives behind and survive in this new world. To survive and get paid they must become a soldier for the Reserve Army. As a soldier it is their duty to hunt down monsters that are trying to terrorize Grimgar. The story revolves around a party composed of Manato, the leader and priest; Haruhiro, a thief; Yume, a hunter; Shihoru, a mage; Mogzo, a warrior; and Ranta, a dark knight.



Haru is the thief of the party. Haru is a bit odd at first but as the anime unfolds he has one of the best character developments. He becomes someone who can be counted on and he strives to be the best “thief” he can be by putting up with a mentors abuse and strict rules.
Haru also known as “Old cat” because of the “tired look” he has, has a unique ability where he can tell where his enemies fatal spots are. To use this skill to the fullest he must let his body do the work and not think about anything else but the fight.


Yume is the hunter. Yume can be a bit ditsy but has a sweet and fun personality which is refreshing. She uses a bow and arrow and also a dagger. She’s not good with her bow so she sticks to close combat.


Ranta is a dread knight. Ranta is rude, mean, and makes offensive comments about his female party members. Ranta is the second Tank of the party. He is a bit small but since he has light armor and a long sword, he can move around quickly, strike enemies and move back if needed.



Manato is the priest of the party. He is also the leader of the group because he set everything up. Priests have the power to heal but besides healing he can also fight. His calm personality keeps the group at ease. Without a figure like him, there group would probably fall apart.



Shihoru is the mage of the party. She’s quiet and keeps to herself unless she’s with Yume. She has several magic spells but the best is that she’s able to freeze enemies or make them not be able to see for a while so the rest of the party can attack them. She does this from afar because she has no combat skills.



Mogzo is the warrior of the party. He’s huge but is the most gentle. He cooks for the party and carves wood animals on his free time. He wears the most armor and has a huge sword. After acquiring new abilities like “wind” he for some reason yells “DOMO!!!” before hitting his enemies.



Mary is also a priest but she is not part of Manato’s group. She has a dark and tragic background. Mary has a very straight forward personality and her top priority is keeping her party safe.

The group

It’s not anything new when it comes to anime but their group isn’t very good at first. They have difficulty fighting against goblins which are not supposed to be that hard to fight against. They are all very different from each other so at times it’s hard for them to communicate efficiently. Between Ranta’s rude remarks towards Yume and Shihoru not being able to really talk to anyone, it can be pretty hard to keep it together. Of course, they do grow as a team. Through thick and thin and some traumatizing stuff, they start to become a great team.

My Thoughts


Lately we have had tons of “Sekai” anime. Anime where characters end up in a new world. Usually full of magic and swords. Most of the time it’s a video game. Hai To Gensou No Grimgar did a good job at changing this up. Yes, they appear in a new world, but this is real life not a game. These characters can be hurt. They can even die, they really do have to rely on their group members. No one is super overpowered, the characters have to grow to get where they are. All in all I recommend it to anyone that’s into medieval action anime.




2 thoughts on “Hai To Gensou No Grimgar

  1. I really love this anime and it is the reason I started reading light novels because I wanted more of this story. Really wish there was a second season because having read where the story goes, there was just so much more they could have done with it as an anime.


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