Anime of Winter 2019

Almost all winter 2019 anime have been released and wow do we have several weird anime this season. In my opinion, this season is looking pretty good but you never know since we haven’t gotten past episode 3 for most anime airing. Episode 3 always seems to be the episode that either completely mutilates an anime or makes an anime bloom into something beautiful. Here are the anime I’ll be watching this season.


Dororo and Hyakkimaru
You know that person that goes by the word “father”? Most people think, a father is a protective figure. Someone who looks after you and what not. Well, of course like several anime, Dororo completely destroys the whole “protective figure” deal.
A Samurai Lord exchanges his, yet to be born, son’s organs to demons just so he can have dominance over his land. When his son is finally born without eyes, ears, skin, and etc, the fathers casts him away. Little does he know that his son, Hyakkimaru, survived this tragedy with the help of prosthetics. With these prosthetics, Hyakkimaru sets out to kill the demons that took his body parts.

Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue.

doukyonin wa hiza, tokidoki, atama no ue.
Subaru and Haru (his cat)
This anime revolves around Subaru Mikazuki, a writer with deceased parents, and a cat named Haru, who he comes across while visiting his parent’s grave. It’s a story of their everyday lives living together which is told from both Subaru’s perspective and Haru’s perspective.

Boogiepop wa Warawanai

boogiepop wa warawanai

Honestly, this anime has me super confused.

At Shinyo Academy there have been several disappearances. Female students are at school one day, perfectly normal, but then all of a sudden they stop attending school and never return home. After a bit of investigation, the police and school come to the conclusion that these girls are running away from home. Yeah uhuh alright…sure sure.

Meanwhile, an Urban Legend about a Shinigami name Boogiepop ends up being true. Boogiepop, a Shinigami that can take people’s pain away appears in the form of a student at Shinyo Academy. Boogiepop appears because these are not just regular run aways. There is something deeper and more mysterious going on at Shinyo Academy. An evil force that must be stopped.

Yakusoku no Neverland

Isabella (mama)

The anime revolves around an orphanage who is run by Mama. Mama takes care of all the orphans. She feeds them, teaches them, lets them play outside, and does everything needed to keep all of them safe and sound. Even though the children are orphans they live a pretty happy life. All waiting to be adopted. The story goes on about their everyday lives in the orphanage with mama.

Nah not really.

The orphanage is actually a farm and all of the kids are being brought up so people or monsters that look like miniature versions of the owl from Tokyo Ghoul can eat them.


Kakegurui×× is the second season of Kakegurui.

In the second season we have all the main characters that were in the first but the anime introduces a ton of new characters from the -bami family. Our oh so lovely but pretty psyhotic student council president, takes it upon herself to step down as president and give any student the chance of becoming president. How? All they need are votes. But of course, it’s not through democracy. It will all be done through gambling. The more you win the more votes you get. Who’ll prevail?

Continuing Anime

Sword Art Online: Alicization

That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime

Run With the Wind

All in all this season looks promising but I’m going to give it 2 more weeks just to be sure.

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