2017: Year of Yuri?

“You, like, think her personality’s hot. You want to bone her emotionally. For her mind.”

I like Yuri.


If you like Yuri as well, then you, my friend, most likely know all the wonderful things that are coming our way. For you guys that don’t know what I am talking about, let me fill you in.

Throughout the past so and so years there have been a couple yuri anime, one of the most famous would be Sakura Trick. You know that pointless, yet oh so sweet anime where two girls kiss in an empty classroom, a park, Yuu-chans room, a classroom, another classroom, underwater, a balcony, the hallway, outside surrounded by hundreds of people, in a gym, in a gym storage room… Did I miss any? I probably did. Well, this year we are actually getting more! Besides the recently finished Kuzu no Honkai and Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon here are a couple that are coming soon!



Yuzu Aihara, a quite fashionable and rebellious teenage girl, moves to a new town. She has one goal and one goal only: to get a boyfriend. Little does she know that her dreams are going to turn to crap because she actually ends up in an all-girls high school. On her first day of school, she is confronted by the Student Council president, Mei. Their confrontation does not go so well because Yuzu is a walking violation of the school’s student handbook.  Little does Yuzu know that Mei is actually her step sister. So how will Mei, a primary school role model, and Yuzu, a major rebel, put up with each other?

Talk about an anime adaptation had been going around for a long time but after a long wait, ANN released news that Citrus had an anime adaptation in the process. The report was published in November, so it’s been a while. Besides the publication of the visual, we haven’t gotten any more information on it.

Netsuzou Trap


Yuma and Hotaru both have a secret to keep. After Yuma gets a boyfriend and asks Hotaru, her childhood friend, for help, things start to take a turn. Hotaru starts acting and doing certain things to Yuma that set off a “this is not just me helping you with your boyfriend issues. Let me bone you pronto-dente” vibe.  The two girls start to develop an intimate relationship that they must keep hidden. Will they be able to maintain their secret?

NTR is not as famous as Citrus, and I honestly would never have thought that NTR would be chosen as a manga worthy enough to have an anime adaptation. The news for this was also released last year. A visual for NTR has also been released, but unlike Citrus, we actually got a date to when the anime is going to air! This summer. Hooray.

Asagao To Kase-San


Yamada and Kase-san meet for the first time because of their school’s garden. Kase-san, being a top notch athlete and Yamada being a quiet girl who loves flowers, seem like they live in entirely different worlds. Although they are complete opposites, they start developing feelings for each other. Will Kase-san and Yamada be able to start a relationship or will they drift apart because of their differences?

As of now, there hasn’t been news of a 12+ episode adaptation. It is only going to get a five-minute animation clip. A sneak peek clip was released on March 25th. Here is the youtube link.

Sin: Nanatsu no Tazai

MAL:  You, will you be a worshipper of the devil lords? These beautiful lords lead humans to the seven deadly sins: pride, envy, wrath, sloth, greed, gluttony, and lust. A revealing fantasy that craves to corruption and happiness starts now.

Sin: Nanatsu no Tazai is not technically a yuri, but it has the beginnings of it. Sin: Nanatsu no Tazai will premiere April 15th, 2017. (Awesome OP)


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