“Look around Eren, at these big-ass trees.”



Now, my previous blogs have revolved around my otaku-ness. So you might be like “Ah, here we go again. More weeaboo-ness.”

  1. I am not a weeaboo
  2. You are mistaken

I came across this channel by accident about 3 months ago (PRAISE THE RECCOMENDED SECTION OF YOUTUBE), and I thought that well, why not share this beautiful piece of information that I have acquired. Today I will be talking about the first virtual YouTuber, who just so happens to be a 3D anime character. That’s just a coincidence. I swear.


Let me fill you guys in on what I mean by virtual YouTuber. Ai-chan is basically a computer generated 3D character. To dumb it down, look at Kyouko right above, now imagine her as a 3D character instead of a 2D character. That’s pretty much Ai-chan (Ai-chan is like 50 times more adorable, though. I sound like a creep).

So this might not seem like a big deal right? Just a 3D anime character. Well, ladies and gentleman, the person behind this is pure genius. Ai-chan does not just stand and speak like some robot, she moves around, and does stuff us lazy potatoes would never do. Ai-chan also has her own voice actor. The fact that she has ONE voice actor means she has ONE personality, so she is ONE of a kind. No one else can imitate Ai-chan. Her voice actor is some beautiful creature and speaks like any normal human being, meaning she giggles, sometimes she messes up, sometimes she screams while playing video games, she gets pissed, etc. Ai-chan also changes her facial expression, she does not just stare out into space. When she’s mad, she looks like she’s going to smack a bitch. When she’s happy, she’s all adorable. Imagine her voice actor…. I’d smash. Just kidding, I’m a female. What a crappy excuse. Anyways.

Ai-chan also makes vlogs. Okay, yeah I know, how in the hell would this adorable virtual YouTuber even make a vlog?! Well, she does it by using google maps. She also plays video games that are found on steam while making her own intriguing storyline. She also answers viewers questions. In one video she talks to Siri because she says she has no friends in her mini virtual world.

So who is Ai-chan?! Well, Ai-chan is a YouTuber on the A.I channel.

Screenshot 2017-04-04 at 3.25.37 AM

Let’s see Ai-chan up close

Screenshot 2017-04-04 at 3.28.10 AMScreenshot 2017-04-04 at 3.28.52 AM


Screenshot 2017-04-04 at 3.29.54 AM


Screenshot 2017-04-04 at 3.34.09 AM

*flips shit because of some psycho pig*

^Playing the game Inside which you can find on Steam ^

Screenshot 2017-04-04 at 3.38.34 AMScreenshot 2017-04-04 at 3.39.13 AM

^This video doesn’t have subtitles, so I have no clue why she started singing and doing some weird dance all of a sudden.

Screenshot 2017-04-04 at 3.44.30 AM

Using Google maps to go around Tokyo to eventually get to this little coffee shop.

So is this channel even popular? Well A.I. Channel has existed for about four months and now almost has 300,000 viewers. So you tell me.

A.I. channel isn’t for everyone, but either way here’s a link to her first video!



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