My Indecisiveness


“See you space cowboy.”
Why am I even on WordPress? How did I even find WordPress?! Ah, I remember… that one blog that was made by some dude who was so butt hurt that he just had to diss all cosplayers. Anyway, this is not about him. Why am already getting off track?
…How about we just get started
I am extremely indecisive. I could just stop the blog right there but I rather go on a rant and explain why I am indecisive and most likely give you guys an example. Ready? Okay cool. Like I said before I am extremely indecisive. From what type of food I want, to what anime I am going to watch next. what a terrible example. Maybe I should give you an example of my most recent dilemma. Here goes!
This whole issue revolves around a convention! Anime Central (ACEN) is almost here! It begins on May 19th. ACEN is fantastic. One gets to see a lot of different stuff. Like cosplayers. What’s better than cosplayers? Haha, okay a lot of stuff but nonetheless it is great to see and do. Which is why this year I decided to cosplay. Okay PAUSE…Before I continue I would like to fill you in on a secret. I love traps. Here’s a bit of information on traps.
An anime trap is a boy who looks so convincingly like a female, that by the time you realize you have made a mistake, it’s already too late.
Traps are always the most adorable characters in an anime. Usually, everyone falls in love with them to then only be slammed into a wall and have your brains gushing out but being happy about it because that might make you forget about all those feeling you felt towards that character. At least for guys. Here are some examples of traps.
Alright, START! Back to the actual blog. So why did I just show you guys a bunch of traps? Well, because I wanted to cosplay as a trap. Specifically the best trap. Sai-chan (last image). He is the most adorable trap in existence. So, I got all my materials ready! I was on the verge of making his clothes and what not when THEN I was like “wait… wait.. wait wait wait wait wait wait… what about Kajou Senpai as Blue Snow?” (She is a character from the anime Shimoneta who only wears a robe and an underwear on her head). So I then proceeded to plan on cosplaying as Ayame. THEN I FOUND OUT ABOUT THE GHOST IN THE SHELL LIVE ACTION (ghost in the shell has always been my favorite anime movie). I saw how they made Major Motoko’s Thermoptic Suit. Unlike the anime, she did not look completely naked.
I am not going to go into on how the suit was made and how I would have to make it and blah blah. Long story short I used arachnid, RCM studios, and well they are going to do all the work. All I did was pay 300$.
NOW! You must be thinking, “wow $300 there’s no way in hell that she would change her mind” well bitch you thought wrong. Rest assured… although I have thought about it… I made up my mind and decided to not once again do a total 360 on my cosplay. I deserve a pat on the back. No, but seriously, I think I have a problem. Do I? I don’t know. I just hope I am not the only one that is really indecisive about such pointless stuff. By that I mean, these are not some crazy life and death situations.
This was a pointless rant and I have horrible grammar but it is my first blog so please be gentle.
Thank you for reading

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